To make sure merchants offer the kind of high quality goods and exemplary customer service our Pinners are looking for, we hold merchants to the same standards as our advertisers. Your Buyable Pins should follow the below requirements and our:

You're responsible for making sure your use of our services follows all relevant laws, regulations and industry codes.

If we contact you to remove Pins that go against our policies, you must respond to us and delete the Pins from your merchant feed within 24 hours. Merchants that receive too much negative feedback from the Pinner community will have their Buyable Pins access revoked. We may remove anything for any reason—including Pins, boards, your access to the commerce platform or your Pinterest account.

Account requirements

Set up a business account

You can create a new business account or convert your existing one at

Share your contact info

Add an email or phone number in the “About you” section of your Pinterest profile. That way, your customers have an easy way to get in touch with you about their orders.

Profile photo

Your profile photo must follow the image requirements listed in our ad standards. This means you can't have things like nudity, profanity or discounts in your profile photo. 

Conversion tracking

If you use Pinterest's conversion tag to track conversions associated with your Buyable Pins, you'll need to disclose that use as described in our ad standards.

Product requirements

Prohibited products

At this time, we don’t allow the following in Buyable Pins:
  • Customizable products
  • Non-physical goods, like digital downloads
  • Live animals
  • Any product that falls under our ad standards prohibited products and services list. This includes things like:
    • Alcohol
    • Adult products and services
    • Imitation and counterfeit goods
    • Products from endangered and threatened species
    • Tobacco
    • Weapons and explosives
    • Weight loss products
Political candidates running for public office, political parties, and political committees advocating for the election or defeat of a candidate for public office are also not eligible for Buyable Pins at this time.

Customer service

We want to make sure merchants provide the best customer service possible when selling on Pinterest. This means you should communicate clearly and regularly with Pinners who buy something from you.

During checkout

You must make the following info clear and easy to spot:
  • Price and product availability 
  • Taxes and fees
  • Estimated shipping cost and delivery date
  • Return and refund policy

After an order

Every customer who buys from you must get:
  • A confirmation of the transaction including order details, price, taxes and fees, and shipping info
  • Your current contact info including email or phone number


You must take care of all parts of payment, including:
  • Processing payments
  • Responding to credit card disputes, like claims of fraudulent, unrecognized, duplicate or canceled charges


You’re responsible for making sure your customers get the products or services they ordered. You must: 
  • Securely package your products and make sure they arrive in excellent condition
  • List your current contact info—including email and / or phone number—on the packing slip
  • Ship your products or deliver your services within the time you told the customer, with a max window of 7 calendar days

Returns and refunds

Your return policies on Pinterest must be the same or better than what you offer anywhere else. You also must: 
  • Respond to return requests within 48 hours by giving customers any info they need for the return, including shipping info and Return Merchandise Authorizations (RMAs) 
  • Complete all returns and refunds within the timeframe you set with the customer (usually 30 calendar days) 
  • Make full refunds or exchanges for any damaged or lost shipments, unless you and the customer already agreed on partial refunds

Backordered or out of stock items

If someone orders a product or service that becomes backordered or out of stock, you must:
  • Update the listing within 30 minutes
  • Contact the customer within 24 hours to let them know the product or service is unavailable, and give them an updated delivery date
  • Respond to all of the customer’s questions within 48 hours
  • Keep the order open if the customer accepts the new delivery date
  • Cancel their order if the customer doesn’t accept the new delivery date


You’re responsible for handling and responding to all customer service questions, complaints, problems and other issues, including disputes. If a customer gets in touch with Pinterest about unresolved issues with your transaction, we’ll contact you directly. On those occasions, you must respond to Pinterest within 24 hours.

Need more help? Learn about Buyable Pins.