Pinterest Basics

A quick look at how things work here.

What’s a Pin?

Pins are like handsome little bookmarks. Whenever you find something on the web that you want to keep, add it to Pinterest. Your newly minted Pin will be here whenever you need it, and will always link back to the site it came from.

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Collect Pins on boards

Boards are where you organize your Pins, and you get to decide what they’re all about. Set up group boards to share ideas and plan stuff with your friends. You can even make a board secret—perfect for gift ideas or other things you want to keep a surprise.


Follow boards you love

Follow people and boards to get their latest Pins delivered to your home feed. You can follow all of someone’s boards or just the ones you like best.

See fresh Pins in your home feed

Your home feed is where you’ll find all sorts of new and inspiring things to add to your own boards.

Need more help? Take a look at our Help Center.

Pin Button

You can quickly collect things you find around the web with our handy, one-click Pin button.

Pinterest Etiquette

Here are a few simple rules to help you use Pinterest with care.